Friday, August 17, 2012

review: the way by kristen wolf

Kristen Wolf’s The Way is an intriguing take on the well-known biblical story of Jesus.   In Palestine in the year 7 A.D., young Anna is frustrated by the value placed on sons.  When her brother dies at birth, her father is devastated and cruelly acts out.  Because Anna is often mistaken for a boy, Yosef determines he can get away with selling his daughter to a group of shepherds.  Although they initially doubt the wisdom in bringing along Anna, who calls herself Jesus after her dead brother, the shepherds soon realize that her skills regarding cooking and animals are beneficial.  But she is eventually separated from the shepherds and ends up with a separatist society of women who practice “The Way.”  From there, many rumors circulate about the mysterious person called Jesus.  With knowledge of the New Testament framing the story, The Way is a captivating tale; however, some of the characters are a little one-dimensional.  Given his large role, Peter should have been developed a bit more.
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  1. This really does sound like an interesting premise. I'm always interested in alternate views of life during Biblical times. I will keep my eye out for this one.