Thursday, August 30, 2012

review: going to the bad by nora mcfarland

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With Going to the Bad, Nora McFarland once again places TV news photographer Lilly Hawkins right in the middle of a major news story.  In the first chapter Lilly experiences one of my big work fears (I work in TV news as well)—she hears her own address over the scanners.  Knowing that her boyfriend is likely home, Lilly races to the scene where she discovers her boyfriend is safe, but her uncle has been shot.  Just as she’s done in the previous books of the series, Lilly uses her work resources to find out exactly why someone shot her uncle.  

The fact that Lilly works at a TV station is not just an incidental plot element; it plays a major role, which means it’s imperative that the details are right.  McFarland shows that although she no longer works in TV news herself, she has kept up with the industry changes which she seamlessly works into the book, such as when Lilly explains why she’s the chief photographer without any photogs.  Furthermore, the mystery element is excellent.  Going to the Bad has plenty of twists with loads of drama and comedy.
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