Thursday, August 2, 2012

review: kill me if you can by james patterson & marshall karp

Kill Me If You Can begins with the murder of a man who stole some diamonds.  From there, the diamonds are stolen again and the chase is on.  As I read Kill Me If You Can, I couldn’t figure out who I was supposed to root for since every character was morally bankrupt.  Michael seemed the intended hero, but it was hard to get behind a diamond thief who was sleeping with his professor.  As is typical of Patterson novels (this one is written with Marshall Karp), the plot moves quickly which is what kept me reading even as I was disgusted by characters like the father and daughter who are romantically involved.  The incest scenes have no real point other than titillation thus making them completely unnecessary and thoroughly sickening. Kill Me If You Can finally caught my interest with the revelation of The Ghost’s identity.  That twisted things enough to make it more than just bad guys chasing a slightly less bad guy.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Little, Brown and Company.  

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