Thursday, August 16, 2012

review: i've got your number by sophie kinsella

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Poppy Wyatt is in a bit of a pickle.  Her friends had been trying on her family heirloom engagement ring when the fire alarm sounded.  When they were finally allowed to re-enter the hotel, the ring was missing.  To top off her bad day, her phone is stolen right out of her hand.  In a bit of luck, she finds a different phone in the garbage and declares it her own.  In typical Sophie Kinsella fashion, hilarity ensues as Poppy not only tries to hide that she’s lost the ring (she bandages her “burned” hand) but deals with the man whose assistant abruptly quit and tossed the phone that Poppy found.

Poppy is the perfect heroine:  flawed, but trying; wonderful, but insecure.  She holds nothing back in her narration, even filling in more of the story through the use of footnotes (which she uses because she was impressed by them in her fianc√©’s book).  Poppy cracked me up repeatedly as she tried to sort out her own mess while also attempting to help the man who had been just a stranger on the phone before he became so much more. 
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