Friday, March 16, 2012

review: run from fear by jami alden

The story that started with Beg for Mercy continues once again with Run from Fear. This time the focus is on Talia, the one who escaped the Seattle Slasher. She tries to start her life over again in the San Francisco Bay area, but she is forever fearful. Her paranoia turns valid when someone first tries to break into her home, then starts sending reminders of her past. As I read about Talia and all her troubles, I had one prevailing thought, "I don't care." I simply could not connect with Talia who constantly showed her weaknesses. Despite her protests about not needing help, it was quite clear she'd never survive on her own as she relied on Jack for everything. Furthermore, I didn't care for Jack, the romantic interest/hero, either. He had such a need to save "broken birds" (his father abused Jack's mother) that it was a total turn-off. So by the time that Talia's life was truly in danger, I just wanted the book to over regardless of the outcome.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forever Romance.

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