Friday, March 30, 2012

review: vanished in the night by eileen carr

Eileen Carr’s thrilling Vanished in the Night has Veronica learning the tragic truth behind the disappearance of her older half-brother. When Veronica was a child, Max was sent to a reform school; one year later he vanished forever. But now after nearly 20 years someone has decided the truth should be known. First Max’s bones are found at a construction site, then people connected to the reform school are murdered in quick succession. Clearly Max’s death is not a simple case of a rebellious teen getting into more trouble than he could handle.

Although the original crime took place decades ago, the peripheral murders kept the suspense ever present. Not knowing exactly how the reform school connection would come into play further added to the suspense and made it difficult to guess the killer before Carr wanted to make that revelation. Vanished in the Night is a gripping suspense with just the right mix of romance.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Pocket Books.

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