Friday, June 17, 2011

review: beg for mercy by jami alden

Despite the fact that he was found guilty, Megan refuses to believe her brother murdered a woman years ago. She dutifully visits him at the penitentiary and cut off contact with her then-boyfriend, a cop who believed her brother did it. When her brother says he no longer wants to appeal his death sentence, Megan is determined to fight even harder to find evidence to overturn his conviction. When another woman is murdered in Seattle, Megan thinks she’ll find the proof to set her brother free. But it means she’ll have to partner with her ex, who continues to believe her brother is guilty.

Beg for Mercy has a good plot with plenty of tense romance for Megan and Cole (her ex) and a good deal of suspense, but the glaring errors about the setting (Seattle) detracted from my overall enjoyment. Someone completely unfamiliar with the area will likely enjoy the book, but I just couldn’t get past certain inaccuracies. For example, there’s a fairly large point about Megan discovering dry towels and knowing that no one has been home for days. Here in real Seattle, the towel I used last night was already dry this morning. And there’s no way tourists at Pike Place Market wouldn’t notice the seedier side of the city unless, of course, those tourists happened to be blind. Despite such things, I appreciated Megan’s fierceness and the other well-done characters. I just wish some authors would take the time to research the cities they elect to set their novels in.
ARC Review
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