Friday, March 16, 2012

review: deadly dance by dee davis

When one Sunderland College student disappears and another is emailed a video of a young woman’s death, the A-Tac team gets involved immediately. But do these incidents actually have any connection to A-Tac or is it coincidence that students at A-Tac’s cover university have been targeted? It soon becomes clear to Harrison, the newest team member, that it’s no coincidence. The killer is using methods similar to those of the serial killer who murdered Harrison’s twin sister. This time the hunt for the killer is personal in more ways than one.

Deadly Dance is romantic suspense, but the suspense here works far better than the romance. Although I knew there would have to be a romance, I just found the situation odd. Here’s Hannah, who is very closed off from romantic relationships because of a horrific childhood, suddenly hopping into bed with her coworker while they’re on a case. I understood Harrison’s interest in Hannah, but not Hannah’s interest in him. The romance ended up being a distraction in a book that I would’ve otherwise thoroughly enjoyed.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forever Romance.

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