Thursday, August 4, 2011

review: judgment day by wanda l. dyson

Suzanne Kidwell is a Nancy Grace-esque TV anchor. As such, much of Judgment Day revolves around a TV station. The portrayal of TV news/cable shows is incredibly inaccurate, which constantly distracted me from the other part of the plot—the kidnappings and murders Suzanne has somehow become involved with. Shortly after Suzanne’s wealthy fiancé dies while driving her car (later discovered to have been tampered with), Suzanne is framed for the murder of yet another man. She knows she’s innocent, but the only way to clear her name seems to lie with a private investigator she betrayed while they were engaged back in college.

The basic premise is interesting, but there’s a problem that keeps the intriguing element of Suzanne fighting for her freedom from redeeming Judgment Day in any way. There is a gaping plot hole regarding motivation. Suzanne had no idea why teens were disappearing—she even publicly accused the wrong man—until they started going after her. So why go after Suzanne at all? Dues ex machina.

Another issue I had with Judgment Day was the awkward insert of Christianity which seemed only to have been done to get published by WaterBrook. It otherwise had no bearing on the plot.
Review copy provided by the publisher, WaterBrook Press.

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