Saturday, August 13, 2011

review: wanna get lucky? by deborah coonts

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The first in a series about plucky 30-something woman who heads up Customer Relations at a ritzy Las Vegas hotel, Wanna Get Lucky? starts right off with a big problem for Lucky--an ex-hooker plunged to her death from the hotel's helicopter. But before Lucky can start dealing with Lyda Sue's death that just might be murder, Lucky's immediately confronted with yet another potential PR nightmare as a guest is found passed out naked in the stairwell. All this in just the first few pages!

Wanna Get Lucky? is a murder mystery, but it's a comedy too with Lucky having some great lines like, "Being a porn star is like being a writer--only one talent is needed and nobody cares what you look like." I loved Lucky instantly. Also working in the book's favor is that the numerous subplots (and there are a few) come together nicely and each is well done. Furthermore, each major character is well-developed so there's no "who was that again?" when someone reappears after being absent for a few chapters.
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  1. I liked Lucky too and am hoping there will be more stories from Deborah Coonts!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review--so glad you enjoyed Lucky and the gang. Yes, there are more: LUCKY STIFF, the sequel, is out now. the third installment, SO DAMN LUCKY, will be out in Feb. Let me know what you think....