Monday, August 29, 2011

review: snapped by laura griffin

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When a book starts with a shooting rampage on a college campus, it seems odd to call it a slow starter, but Snapped kind of was. The fourth book in Laura Griffin’s Tracers series focuses on Sophie, the receptionist for the Delphi Center, who finds herself in the middle of the shooting when she goes to enroll in classes. Since the shooter is immediately identified as the man who killed himself, it didn’t seem like there was anywhere to go with the plot despite the fact that more than half the book remained. Eventually (and it took way too long), Sophie realizes that she saw the shooter’s vehicle only minutes before the shooting started. Sophie theorizes that there was an accomplice driving the car, but the police (one of whom is Sophie’s love interest) dismiss her. And that’s where the book gets interesting because yes, there is an accomplice and now Sophie’s life is in danger. Once the story picked up, I really enjoyed Snapped.
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