Thursday, July 28, 2011

review: creep by jennifer hillier

When Professor Sheila Tao got engaged and broke off the affair with her teaching assistant, her TA promptly started blackmailing her. Sheila doesn’t fully believe that Ethan really kept a video of their escapades, but she also doesn’t want to take the chance that her closely guarded secret will be revealed—she’s a sex addict who fell off the wagon when her father died. But there’s far more at stake than Sheila’s career and future marriage—someone wants Sheila dead.

Jennifer Hillier’s debut is wonderfully suspenseful. The tightly woven plot keeps everything tied together without a bit of extraneous information—every piece is important. Each page kept me on edge even as I started to figure out who the mastermind behind it all was. Creep defines “unputdownable.”
Review copy provided by the publisher, Gallery Books.

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