Wednesday, July 6, 2011

review: save me by lisa scottoline

Save Me angered me in many different ways. First, I was angry simply because many of the minor characters had such a horrible reaction in the fire's aftermath. They were so hostile toward a woman who only did what she thought best that I was turned off and almost stopped reading the book. But I eventually did become interested in what legal ramifications would come out of the fire even if Rose’s so-called great husband did come across as callous when he informed her they’d likely be sued because a child was injured despite her best efforts as an untrained school volunteer. Then I was angry about the completely inaccurate portrayal of TV news (that in-depth package on Rose's past would've maybe made a :20 piece, not the minutes long package that Lisa Scottoline wrote). It is completely ridiculous to think a reporter would put in so much time chasing Rose; regardless of time of day, Tanya was there adding to Rose’s trouble. Finally, I was angry when the plot took a totally outrageous turn that made the school fire into a political murder conspiracy. Until that point the writing was quite good, which was what kept me reading, but Scottoline completely lost me with the out-of-nowhere plot twist.
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