Monday, July 4, 2011

review: ten things we did by sarah mlynowski

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Sarah Mlynowski’s excellent Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) brought back a lot of high school memories—not that I ever lied so I could live with a friend! But I’m fairly certain I could come up with at least ten things I probably shouldn’t have done. Here, the biggest one is the lie that gets it all started. When April’s dad and stepmom decide to move, April desperately wants to stay in her hometown and is willing to lie to make it happen. April and her best friend Vi concoct a plan that convinces April’s dad to let her move in with Vi; he believes Vi’s mom will be supervising, but Vi’s mom is actually on tour. Some suspension of disbelief is required here as the girls are only able to pull this off by convincing the two parents that the fake email accounts provided are the only way to contact each other. But other than that bit, this book is absolutely high school. There’s the parties, the outcast who threatens to get them all in trouble, and of course, the first loves (or at least, what they believe is love). Ten Things We Did is a hilarious and heart-breaking (oh, how I cried during the vet scenes) novel that I highly recommend.
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