Wednesday, December 22, 2010

review: the secrets sisters keep by abby drake

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Oh, the secrets sisters keep. Abby Drake has an apt title for a wonderful tale. Four mostly estranged sisters are forced to come together by the uncle they all adored. For many many years one sister (the only one who actually has her life together) has been an outcast; the rest don't really talk either. The others believe Carleen is responsible for a terrible tragedy. While she is the direct cause, only Carleen and Uncle Edward know the truth surrounding the devastating fire. And there's another important piece of information that Carleen has kept from the youngest sister--an aging actress no longer seen as a star. When Edward disappears before the party, the sisters finally talk.

A slightly different type of quest story (all but the oldest who lives with Uncle Edward must travel for the party), The Secrets Sisters Keep hooked me right away. The search for Uncle Edward brought much amusement, especially when the party-goers were tipped off to his location by Amanda's boys. This one will have you laughing, crying, and joyful right along with the sisters.
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