Thursday, December 16, 2010

review: goodnight tweetheart by teresa medeiros

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Goodnight Tweetheart is an adorable story that will eventually bring tears. It's the story of an author whose debut novel was selected by Oprah, but now Abby fears her next novel can never live up to the standard set by that incredible first. After a hilarious failure of a book reading, Abby's publicist sets up a Twitter account and instructs her to tweet with her readers. Abby is Twitter-clueless, but soon finds the very helpful Mark, who says he's a professor on sabbatical. And that's where the "love story in 140 characters or less" comes in. Abby and Mark bond over their shared love of television, but meeting seems impossible as Mark says he's out of the country.

The zings between the two are funny--they have an ongoing joke that Mark is actually a serial killer and/or a teen living at a home; they also begin each session by asking, "What are you wearing?" which sets off amusing exchanges. As I read their tweets, I kept thinking about how I wanted to see the pictures they were sharing (the pictures are described in subsequent tweets); turns out you can by going to the website! A fabulous little extra, in my opinion.

This was one of those books that I just love immediately. The tweet format (which is used for most of the book) makes it a quick read, so once I started Goodnight Tweetheart, I didn't stop until I reached the final, touching page.
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