Thursday, December 9, 2010

review: every bone tells a story by jill rubalcaba and peter robertshaw

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Every Bone Tells a Story looks at four discoveries of ancient remains. The four are Turkana Boy (found in East Africa), Lapedo Child (Portugal), Kennewick Man (northwestern United States), and Iceman (Italian Alps). I was most interested in what the authors had to say about Kennewick Man as that discovery was made in my hometown.

Written for young students, the book is broken into short sections that explain the science without getting bogged down by too many technical terms. It's an easy, yet informative read with plenty of pictures. My complaint would be regarding a few minor inaccuracies regarding the circumstances under which Kennewick Man was found. The authors continually refer to the annual boat races as "Sunfest;" this is something only they and an author they cite do. The boat races are not called Sunfest by locals or event organizers; in fact, the actual name is "Water Follies" and has been for some time. Although such things are insignificant, they do make me question what else may be incorrect.
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