Thursday, December 9, 2010

review: law of attraction by allison leotta

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I did not see this ending coming. Allison Leotta's debut is not only entertaining, it also keeps you guessing. The story centers around a young prosecutor of domestic violence--something Anna gained far too much personal experience with at a young age. Assigned to Laprea's case, Anna is disappointed when Laprea lies on the stand to protect her abuser (and the father of her twins). The tale turns even more tragic when Laprea turns up dead shortly after another fight with D'marco, who had convinced her he was going to change. Since Anna's familiar with the case's background, she ends up assisting in the prosecution of the homicide. What seems like an easy win turns out not to be when a shocking revelation about the deceased comes from the autopsy. Every one of these twists kept me intrigued. Law of Attraction is an excellent mystery mixed with romance as Anna finds herself attracted to two attorneys on opposite sides of the case.
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