Tuesday, August 3, 2010

review: unspeakable by laura griffin

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The second book in Laura Griffin’s Tracers series again features the true crime novelist Troy Stockton—a man with connections to the Delphi Center and a predilection for getting involved with women who have some connection to investigating crime. This time his affections fall to FBI agent Elaina McCord who has been stationed in small town Texas even though she requested to work in a big city, preferably on the east coast. But here she is trying to track down a serial murderer even though the locals don’t want her there or believe (at least at first) that there even is a serial murderer. Troy ends up forcing his way into the investigation; and although Elaina doesn’t exactly appreciate his help/interference, she does end up falling into bed with him.

The murder story is excellent and Griffin makes interesting use of the geocaching phenomenon, but the romance was a bit iffy. I just wasn’t quite sure that Elaina would get involved with Troy given that she wasn’t interested in a relationship with anyone in Texas and that she generally seemed annoyed by Troy though he proved helpful at times. Fortunately, the romance is a minor storyline while the murder investigation is at the forefront. The killer’s identity came as a shock; it was easy to figure out who he was married to, but his identity was quite the puzzler.
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