Friday, November 19, 2010

review: the fashion file by janie bryant

In a beautifully illustrated book, the costume designer for the television show Mad Men explains her take on fashion. Janie Bryant has exquisitely outfitted the cast of Mad Men in clothing appropriate to the era; as it turns out, Bryant prefers the clothing of the 1960s. Bryant gives advice on modernizing vintage attire while also creating a classic look centered on a signature piece (though she wisely cautions not to become too wedded to the signature piece so that you become known for it). The Fashion File is chock full of great advice (including some for men!) and there are quick checklists at the end of each chapter. The “Cocktail Chatter” pages are my favorite feature as each offers fun tidbits about fashion, including that stilettos (my favorite kind of shoe) were banned from certain museums and buildings in the 1950s because the first pairs had a metal tip that scratched the floors.
5/5 Review copy provided by the publisher, Grand Central Life & Style.

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