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author interview: laura griffin

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If you've read my reviews of Laura Griffin's Tracers series, you already know I absolutely love it! So I was ecstatic with Laura agreed to answer a few questions.

Thanks so much for inviting me to drop in and visit!

The Tracers series follows a different female protagonist each time with the common thread being the sexy Troy Stockton. Why did you go this route rather than the more traditional series path of following the same lead?

Troy first comes onto the scene in the initial Tracers book, but he gets his happily ever after in UNSPEAKABLE, so I’m taking a break from him for a bit. The new book, UNFORGIVABLE, features homicide cop Ric Santos as the hero, and the mystery involves a case in which DNA expert Mia Voss (the book’s female lead) plays a major role. Ric and Mia have worked together before, but now they are in the spotlight.

You have “Mia’s Playlist” on your website. Which song(s) most inspired you while writing Unforgivable?

The U2 song “Acrobat” reminds me of a turning point in the story when Mia feels like her life is spinning out of control. Another very emotional song is “Useless Desires” by Patty Griffin. Mia goes on such a roller coaster of emotions through the story, and that song kept going through my head.

Music is a big source of inspiration for me, which is why I thought it would be fun to do the iPod giveaway with this release. If your readers are interested, they can enter the contest at

The quality of your novels shows that you do your research! Since Mia is a DNA expert, what have you discovered about forensics that surprised you?

So many things I’ve learned through research have surprised (and shocked) me. As for DNA, I was shocked to learn that most DNA samples collected at crime scenes are not tested until a case is going to trial. In other words, they have a suspect to compare the DNA with and see if there is a match. There is such a backlog of DNA evidence sitting in crime labs collecting dust (I’m talking about rape kids, bloody clothes, etc…). One of the reasons Mia is passionate about her job in the story is because she wants to help clear that backlog and use DNA to help get repeat, violent offenders behind bars.

What book (your own or someone else’s) has had the most impact on your life?

I would have to go with the Nancy Drew series, which my grandmother had at her house when I was a kid. Those little books got me hooked on reading (and they were my first mysteries!) The start of my addiction to books…

What comes next in the Tracers series?

I have been so excited with the success of the Tracers series! My publisher has asked me to do three more Tracers books. The next one is SNAPPED in 2011. People ask if they should read the Tracers books in order, and I always tell them it’s not necessary. The characters overlap, but each suspense plot stands alone, so feel free to plunge right in!

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  1. I still remember the first Nancy Drew I owned. A family I baby sat for gave it to me. Nice interview!