Thursday, August 19, 2010

review: vintage veronica by erica s. perl

Veronica is a fat teenager (hey, she was blunt about it, so I can be too!) with a unique fashion sense inspired by vintage clothes. As Veronica puts it, she’s “the one who wears those ridiculous pouffy skirts from the fifties that look like she hacked off the top of an old prom dress (because actually, I did).” Veronica is also a bit insecure, which probably stems from her relationship with her parents, who are divorced. Veronica always felt closer to her dad, but he moved away after the divorce. Her mom is a fitness fanatic who encourages Veronica to lose weight, which makes Veronica all the more insecure about her appearance. So it’s not that surprising when Veronica trusts the wrong people at her summer job at a consignment shop. And yet, I completely understood why Veronica would easily trust at times while being cautious at others. Her character (and the others in Vintage Veronica) came across as very authentic. I quite enjoyed reading how she tested out her newly forming relationships and discovered that everyone has insecurities and secrets.
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