Wednesday, August 4, 2010

review: tuesday tells it slant by holly christine

Tuesday Tells It Slant; the title is actually a sentence and pretty much sums up the story: Tuesday has lived a slanted reality ever since a traumatic event (to say what would be a spoiler). Doing so has prevented her from being close to the ones who truly care about her. Tuesday isolates herself while maintaining a false reality of reasons for not being in touch with her family and a long-time friend. These are the people who know the truth that Tuesday cannot face.

As the story unfolds through present day events (right off the bat Tuesday loses her job) and diary entries from the past, the traumatic event is slowly revealed. It is rare that I come across such excellent use of the unreliable narrator. One would think diary entries would be accurate and honest, but Tuesday has created an entirely new past for herself. Holly Christine did an excellent job with both this element and at piquing my interest as to what the truth was (one of my theories wasn’t too far off).

Only one thing drove me crazy while reading the book: Tuesday’s name. Her parents named their twin daughters Monday and Tuesday Morning. During a job interview early in the book, her soon to be boss questions her name. Tuesday says she was born on a Tuesday and her parents were stoners (a reasonable answer considering the boss doesn’t know about the twin), but the second part, at least, is a lie. So why did her parents name their daughters after two days of the week? Were the twins born near midnight so that one was born on Monday and the other on Tuesday and their parents thought it’d be cute considering their last name? No explanation is given and I desperately wanted one.
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