Monday, July 5, 2010

review: untraceable by laura griffin

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Untraceable is a stunning thriller that keeps the reader guessing as PI Alex tries to locate a missing client whose life is likely in danger. Months ago Alex helped Melanie start a new life in order to escape her abusive law enforcement husband; but now it appears Melanie has stopped following the rules Alex set and is back in danger. Along with an ex-boyfriend who’s on the board of a private DNA processing center as well as a cop Alex is starting to get romantically involved with, Alex finds herself in the middle of an investigation that will have huge ramifications for the city of Austin.

The first in Laura Griffin’s Tracers series had me immediately hooked. Each surprising twist was believable given what had been established about the characters (and speaking of characters, each is well done with a distinct personality). Untraceable includes just the right amounts of drama and romance to make this remarkable story a must read.
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