Thursday, July 29, 2010

review: and one last thing... by molly harper

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Molly Harper was once a humor columnist and it shows; And One Last Thing… is uproariously funny. There are so many great lines and references in this book (many of them to Stephen King books, which Lacey discovers she likes during her first days at the cabin; that is, she likes “post-apocalyptic, metaphorical Stephen King”). Of course, that’s not all that makes great this book about a woman who dumps her cheating husband in a very public way. Lacey and Monroe (who she meets in a hilarious bottom-baring way up at the cabin) are simply lovable, relatable characters. Having their families show up provided a lot of insight into who they were.

In short, I adored every second of Molly Harper’s venture into chick lit. Lacey doesn’t have many friends thanks to being a housewife with no kids, but I’d definitely want to be one. And I really want Lacey’s Ugly Cake (“Chocolate cake swirled with a cream cheese and dark chocolate filling.”) recipe. It sounds delicious!
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  1. This sounds like a very fun read. I like witty contemps. Adding to my list!

  2. The ugly cake recipe is available. PM me your direct email and I'll send it. Thanks for the great review! - Molly