Thursday, July 1, 2010

review: mr. rosenblum dreams in english by natasha solomons

Jack Rosenblum is obsessed with presenting himself as a true Englishman after escaping Germany during Hitler’s rise to power. His wife, on the other hand, wants to hang on to her German heritage, especially since the rest of her family was lost in the war. There is a constant primarily unspoken conflict between the two, so it’s no wonder their daughter escapes to university and changes her identity.

Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English doesn’t really take off until Jack leaves his carpet manufacturing company in the city to create a golf course in the country. Why is Jack starting his own golf course when he has a successful business and has never played a round of golf in his life? He believes he needs to belong to a golf club to be fully English; but as a German Jew, Jack’s applications are constantly rejected. So with only the briefest understanding of the game and the hope that the legendary Bobby Jones will provide some assistance, Jack embarks upon yet another new life with his very reluctant wife.

I found all the character dynamics interesting and well done. Natasha Solomons did a great job making clear through Jack’s behavior just how fanatical he was with all things English.
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