Friday, July 16, 2010

review and tour: tempted by a warrior by amanda scott

Tempted By a Warrior reveals what happened after Fiona ran off with Will during Seduced By a Rogue. Turns out Fiona didn’t have such a great life with Will who turned abusive when her father changed the terms of his will so that she didn’t inherit nearly as much as was expected. Now Fiona is suspected of murdering Will, who has mysteriously disappeared. As Fiona is pregnant and Will’s father is likely to die soon, Will’s cousin Dickon is brought in as trustee. Initially Fiona believes Dickon to be just as cruel as his relatives, but later discovers he’s a different sort (although I would argue he’s a little too much like the Jardines for my taste—he spanked Fiona!).

Although Tempted By a Warrior doesn’t have nearly the intrigue that the first book in the trilogy (Tamed By a Laird) had, there’s more excitement to be found than in the second book. Curiously, the circumstances that caused Will’s absence for the birth of his son aren’t of much concern once Old Jardine is dead. Dickon believes Fiona to be innocent given the unlikelihood of a woman close to giving birth being able to kill a man twice her size. The focus shifts away from, “Where is Will?” (though it comes up a few times to cause some drama for Fiona) and moves to the tension between Dickon and Fiona. As a result, the middle drags a bit, but the pace picks up substantially when Hod (a servant who was asked to leave after Old Jardine died) returns to cause trouble.

It was a nice end to the trilogy, featuring appearances by characters from the previous two books and updating the lives of the three girls from Dunwythie Hall.
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