Friday, October 9, 2009

review: fierce style by christian siriano

Fierce Style by the winner of season four of Project Runway surprised me in a good way. I expected Christian Siriano would be more restrictive in his fashion advice. Although he does love Louboutin shoes (and really, who can resist the red soles?), he has suggestions for those who need a lower price point. Siriano informs women that they can grab basic items at stores like Old Navy, but then cautions that certain items should really be bought from higher end places. An item is obviously cheap when the print doesn’t line up at the seams.

Toward the end, Siriano branches beyond fashion advice to talk about his experience of going to college, landing jobs, and being on Project Runway. This part gives more than just his background; it also provides inspiration to those struggling in their chosen field. There have been plenty of times when Siriano was in over his head, but he worked hard and figured out how to succeed.

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