Tuesday, October 13, 2009

review and tour: the sound of sleigh bells by cindy woodsmall

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Though the traditional mourning period for the loss of a fiancé is long over, Beth continues to wear black dresses and doesn’t mingle with the other singles in her Amish community. Her aunt Lizzy, who never married, fears Beth will experience the same loneliness she has. So when the opportunity to play matchmaker presents itself, Lizzy fibs a little in order to setup Beth with an Amish woodcarver from another community. Lizzy knows Beth will be upset when the truth is revealed, but what Lizzy and all the others don’t realize is that Beth isn’t wearing mourning clothes out of grief; she’s actually keeping a secret regarding the death of her fiancé. The guilt she feels over the secret is what keeps her from starting a new relationship.

While the courting that goes on between Beth and the carver Jonah is sweet, it’s a little hard to believe that Beth would be so resistant to the relationship. The secret she’s keeping doesn’t seem like one that would prevent loving someone else.

Cindy Woodsmall is on tour for The Sound of Sleigh Bells. I'm also giving away one copy of the book.

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