Friday, October 30, 2009

review and tour: wisdom hunter by randall arthur

Pastor Jason Faircloth lost his only daughter twice in as many years. As a teenager Hannah decided she could no longer tolerate her father’s extremely religious hardline rules, so she ran away. Jason went on preaching as he always had until news of his daughter’s whereabouts finally arrived. Unfortunately, the news was that Hannah died during childbirth. Hannah’s husband doesn’t want her family to have anything to do with the baby. Jason’s wife is so distraught by the news that she immediately falls ill and dies shortly thereafter. Having lost everything in this world, Jason also turns his back on the faith he had so zealously subscribed to all his life. He leaves the church and begins his hunt for his granddaughter. Will his search for his last family member also restore his faith?

Jason undergoes a great change when faced with the loss of his family. It’s terrible that he had to lose so much in order to recognize his faults, but he definitely became a better man. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for all the characters. When first introduced Hannah’s husband seemed very loving; it was clear he adored Hannah and was excited they were going to have a child. Cody’s personality changed drastically after Hannah’s death. Yes, he was grieving, but he became a very cruel man who later commits a horrific act. I found the change difficult to believe especially since Cody had a veterinary clinic and obviously loved the animals he treated. This is where I felt Randall Arthur failed. It seemed that Cody became such a horrible man only to force the reader to side with Jason. I felt Cody could’ve been a nice man, struggling to raise his daughter and readers still would’ve wanted Jason to find his granddaughter simply because Jason became an admirable character.
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