Thursday, October 29, 2009

review and tour: shadow government by grant r. jeffrey

A bit of a confession: I like to freak myself out late at night by watching those Armageddon and Nostradamus specials The History Channel sometimes runs. So I kind of love all the conspiracies and indications of end times Jeffrey writes about in Shadow Government. He proposes that we are very close to the end times. Jeffrey references biblical passages that predict what will happen leading up to the Antichrist appearing then points out how recent events could be interpreted to fit those passages.

It’s clear Jeffrey put a lot of research into Shadow Government; what’s not so clear is how legitimate the sources are as most are websites. Of course one can argue that it would be quite difficult to prove a secret shadow government using only reputable, verifiable sources. If you could, then it wouldn’t be worth writing about since everyone would know. Still, I need a bit more evidence before I start believing the government is spying on me. I’m sure Jeffrey is correct that the technology exists for them to do so; it’s just that I think our government officials have better things to do.
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