Friday, December 14, 2018

review: forbidden passion by rita herron

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When Dante was a teen, he disobeyed his demon father to protect a girl named Marlena whose mother and sister were killed by Dante's brothers. Now decades later, Dante has literally fought demons as the sheriff and Marlena is a doctor doing research on the blood of serial killers. Although Dante has resisted contacting Marlena, he's forced to when she becomes involved in a murder investigation.

The romance is quick in this paranormal tale. It makes sense for Dante, but is a little less reasonable for Marlena who is warned that Dante isn't quite who he seems. The plot developments regarding the murder investigation are good, but it all gets wrapped up at rapid speed with the revelation of who the killer was and then a battle of demons. This is the third in the Demonborn series, but it works as a standalone with Vincent and Quinton from the first two books making only brief appearances.
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