Friday, December 7, 2018

review: the accidental beauty queen by teri wilson

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Charlotte and Ginny are identical twins who couldn't be more different. Charlotte is a school librarian who prefers wearing t-shirts with literary references while Ginny is a glamorous pageant contestant. In The Accidental Beauty Queen, an allergic reaction leads to Charlotte having to take Ginny's place in the pageant their deceased mother once won. It's a story that could be completely vapid and superficial, but Teri Wilson makes it incredibly moving. Wilson nails the sister dynamic and creates plenty of comedic twin-switch moments. She also doesn't fall into the trap of making the other pageant contestants stereotypes. Another great element (involving the twin-switch) is the sweet romance that develops between Charlotte and one of the judges. It gives just the right amount of conflict to elevate The Accidental Beauty Queen from great to excellent.
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