Saturday, August 22, 2009

review and tour: dark hunger by rita herron

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Dark Hunger is a steamy paranormal romance centered around a diabolical scheme to kill all of mankind. Raised by monks, Homeland Security agent Quinton is an assassin composed of contradictions. His father is a powerful demon who sends the Death Angel to retrieve more souls for Satan while his mother was an Angel of Light. The monks trained Quinton to battle his evil side, but the struggle rages daily as his job requires him to kill. Quinton also has been shut off from love, that is until Annabelle, a CNN reporter, chases him down for a story.

The mystery part of Dark Hunger is full of red herrings to keep the reader guessing. Is the Death Angel posing as the reverend? Perhaps one of the doctors? One downfall of Dark Hunger is that Annabelle is a TV reporter. It would work much better to have her as a print journalist. No TV reporter is going to go after her story without bringing the photographer along; but if the photog is there, Annabelle and Quinton don't get all that alone time.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Grand Central Publishing.

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