Thursday, March 1, 2018

review: sophie someone by hayley long

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When Sophie's school asks for a birth certificate and her parents can't readily produce one, Sophie becomes suspicious. Her distrust turns out to be justified. After stumbling upon a Facebook profile for someone who is clearly her grandmother, Sophie learns the shocking secret her parents have been keeping.

It's a fantastic plot, but Sophie Someone is told using what the publisher calls a "memorable language all its own." In actuality it's confusing. While most of the words (or "worms" in the case of this book's language) can be discerned from the context, there were other times when I wasn't sure if the word used was the same as in English, a typo, or the memorable language word. The use of this confusing language seems to be done to cause the reader to be as confused as Sophie, but there are two issues with that. First off, it's enough of a turn off for a reader to put the book down before ever getting to the point of the story. Second, Sophie is never really confused. She's shocked to learn about the lie, but the revelation doesn't cause her any real difficulty (although surely it will with whatever will unfold after the book's conclusion).
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