Tuesday, March 6, 2018

review: unnatural causes by dawn eastman

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As the new doctor in town, Katie LeClair is still learning the quirks of the town and her patients (including a hilarious pair of best friends who signed HIPAA waivers because both insist on being seen when only one is sick) in this first book in a series from Dawn Eastman. So when one of her patients overdoses in what's deemed a suicide, Katie worries she hasn't gotten to know her patients as well as she'd hoped. But Katie's instincts are good and alarm bells go off when she discovers the dead woman was found with a pill bottle with Katie's name as the prescribing doctor. A search of the records shows that neither Katie or the staff wrote that prescription. And with the woman's daughter insisting her mother wouldn't have killed herself, Katie starts to wonder what secrets the town holds.

The first book in a series sometimes suffers from having to introduce so many characters, but Eastman handles it expertly. Each character stands out as an individual and it's easy to keep track of relationships because Katie is also learning how people are connected. The plot is absolutely captivating as Katie uncovers red herring secrets and the suspect list grows.

About the audiobook: Unnatural Causes by Dawn Eastman is read by Amanda Dolan. Dolan's performance is perfect for this one. It's easy to distinguish between the characters and her inflections are spot on. The audio version was released December 2017 by Blackstone Audio. It runs just over 7 hours.
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