Tuesday, February 27, 2018

review: the great alone by kristin hannah

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Leni has spent her life moving from one place to another as her dad struggles to hold it together, but her family has always been in the northwest until her dad's contacted by the father of one his deceased war buddies. It seems Bo, who died in Vietnam, wanted his friend to inherit his land in Alaska. Ernt immediately moves the family to the remote Alaska town. They are wholly unprepared. And not just for the living off the land aspect. For in the winter when the hours of darkness stretch on, Ernt's demons come on with a vengeance.

With its vivid descriptions, The Great Alone pulls the reader in all directions. It is the tragedy of undiagnosed PTSD from years as a POW, it is the story of community and a family trying to make it against all odds, and it is a coming of age with a sweet high school romance. Above all, it is how Leni becomes the strong young woman she needs to be when astonishing circumstances force her to face a life she never would've imagined. The characters are excellently fleshed out with a richness that makes their stories all the more heartbreaking.
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