Tuesday, February 20, 2018

review: watch me by jody gehrman

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Get ready to be creeped out with Jody Gehrman's engrossing Watch Me. It opens with the words, "After five years waiting for this moment, watching you for the first time still catches me off guard." That's right, Sam worked hard for five years so he could enroll in his favorite author's creative writing workshop. Sam's obsession is Kate, a professor who's struggling a bit at the moment. She's newly divorced and stressed about her writing as well as the looming decision about whether or not she'll get tenure. Gehrman alternates chapters between Sam and Kate which works particularly well when the scene continues (such as when Sam meets with Kate and her agent), but the perspective changes. Sam's character is brilliantly fleshed out which makes Watch Me all the more chilling. The ending is quite the shock too.
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