Friday, February 3, 2017

review: lethal by sandra brown

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One minute Honor Gillette had a relatively simple life as a widowed mother and the next an injured man was pulling a gun on her in her front yard. So begins Sandra Brown's Lethal. Honor initially thinks it's just bad luck a man wanted for murder showed up at her home, so she offers him her car and expects he'll be on his way; Lee Coburn has other plans. Honor's husband was a cop and Coburn believes he had information—information that led to his "accidental" death—that Honor now possesses. Honor doesn't believe it possible her husband would've had anything Coburn would want, but soon the events she witnesses make her start believing Coburn is being framed by dirty cops.

Lethal provides multiple thrills and plenty of action as the conspiracy unfolds. The layers of the conspiracy come apart some though when the big reveal is finally made. Honor and Coburn have a nice rapport and the evolution of their relationship feels authentic, but the shifting perspectives (Lethal is told through a number of narrators) interrupted that development too much at times.
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