Tuesday, August 9, 2016

review: the choices we make by karma brown

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Hannah is obsessed with having a baby. She and her husband have spent thousands on fertility treatments that never result in a viable pregnancy. As Hannah begins to consider surrogacy (despite her husband's objections), her best friend Kate decides she wants to be the surrogate (despite her husband's objections). Eventually the two couples come to an agreement, but a medical tragedy transforms all of their plans.

The Choices We Make is a poignant novel, but it rubbed me the wrong way. From the characters who made parenthood into the most important aspect of a person's life to the unwillingness to consider adoption, things just didn't sit right. It continually felt like Karma Brown was trying to make Hannah a sympathetic character, but kept presenting her as incredibly selfish (which really came out during the conflict with Kate's husband). There were also bedroom scenes that felt really out of place and inappropriate for the tone of the novel. The journey to the pivotal moment was wholly uninteresting, but Brown really stepped up the pacing and action once Kate suffered a medical issue.
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