Wednesday, June 8, 2016

review: ink and bone by lisa unger

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Lisa Unger heads back to The Hollows in Ink and Bone with a focus on Eloise’s granddaughter, Finley. Although Unger previously established that Eloise received her psychic powers after an accident, it seems that it is also an inherited trait as Finley has the ability too. Finley moved to The Hollows from Seattle to attend college and get away from a clingy boyfriend, who proved to be very clingy by moving across the country to The Hollows as well. Since moving, Finley has heard a repeated squeak-clink that only quiets when she gets involved in a case that private investigator Jones Cooper has brought to her grandmother.

Ink and Bone felt a little slower paced than some of Unger’s other novels, though that may be out of necessity since the crime is the kidnapping and abuse of a young girl. Unger also frequently shifted the perspective in Ink and Bone which made it difficult to connect to Finley who seems to be positioned to become the lead of Unger’s The Hollows books. Fortunately though, Ink and Bone has vivid descriptions and tight plotting that create a layered thriller.
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