Wednesday, June 1, 2016

review: the assistants by camille perri

Tina had no intention of stealing from her boss, but cross communication lead to her being reimbursed for plane tickets the airline had already waived charges for and then the temptation to finally pay off her student loans was just too great. Of course, Tina was caught. But she was caught by someone who also had student loans and who agreed to not turn her in if Tina continued the scam and paid off Emily’s loans. In a bit of a twist, Tina and Emily actually become friends of a kind and the student loan scam starts spiraling out of Tina’s control.

The Assistants is an amusing romp even if it is a bit unrealistic that the theft can go on for so long. Camille Perri inserts plenty of fun pop culture references, but those references combined with Tina’s entry-level job made her seem younger than her stated 30 years. This light-hearted Robin Hood story indulges one’s fantasy of finally being free from student loans (a debt I know all too well!) in an entertaining narrative that explores workplace relationships.
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