Tuesday, June 28, 2016

review: don't you cry by mary kubica

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After kicking out the man (who is, ugh, much older than he appeared in the bar) she brought home last night, Quinn realizes her good girl roommate hasn’t completed her usual Sunday morning routine. Is Esther missing or just out? Esther’s room is in quite the state and her phone is still in the apartment, but the Chicago police tell Quinn that Esther can’t be reported missing yet since there’s no sign she’s in danger. Meanwhile, a recent high school graduate named Alex in a town not far from Chicago spots an attractive young woman he’s immediately drawn to.

The alternating storylines allow Mary Kubica to build the suspense, but also make the plot move a little slowly as much time is spent on Alex’s life. Of course, one expects these two storylines to come together, but the way they do is not quite what I expected. In retrospect, Kubica left a few hints, but too much elaboration would spoil the ending.
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