Wednesday, May 25, 2016

review: perfect timing by laura spinella

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Perfect Timing has one of the most perfect opening scenes a book could have with Isabel and Rico waking up to a DJ at the radio station where Isabel works reporting the latest hijinks of a rock star Isabel would rather not think about. As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear why Isabel would rather not think about Aidan Royce, but he may also be the only man who can help Isabel out of a career crisis when the radio station’s new owner demands a quick and substantial ratings increase.

Perfect Timing shifts between the past and the present so that the history of Isabel and Aidan comes in small chunks and allows the reader to slowly realize the importance of Aidan to Isabel and why they are no longer in contact. The time shifting also made it possible for Laura Spinella to leave some questions about the past unanswered until just the right moment to drop the bombshells that marvelously twisted the plot. The ending didn’t quite do the rest of the book justice, but everything leading up to the end was fantastic.

About the audiobook: Laura Spinella’s Perfect Timing is read by Rachel Fulginiti who is an incredible narrator. Her inflections made it easy to differentiate between characters as well as dialogue versus narration. It runs almost 13 hours and was released January 2016 by Ideal on Dreamscape Audio.
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