Thursday, May 5, 2016

review: between a vamp and a hard place by jessica sims

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Between a Vamp and a Hard Place plunges Lindsey and her best friend/foster sister/business partner, Gemma, into a sexy, but dangerous world when they discover a vampire while searching for antiques in Venice. The vampire, Rand, is immediately drawn to Lindsey because of her very rare blood type—she is delicious and he wants to feed. Initially, Lindsey is having none of that, but is eventually drawn in by Rand’s charisma which ends up putting her in danger when other vampires start coming after Rand. The snarky fun never stops in this intelligent paranormal romance that includes elements of suspense. The only thing lacking is the world-building as there’s nothing to indicate Lindsey and Gemma live in a world with vampires, but readily accept the presence of Rand.
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