Thursday, May 26, 2016

review: the house of bradbury by nicole meier

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After a less than successful debut novel and splitting with her cheating fiancé, Mia Gladwell discovers Ray Bradbury’s house is for sale. Although her perfectionist older sister is less than impressed with the outdated home, Mia knows it’s the place for her and buys the house with the financial assistance of her ex-fiancé. The money ends up coming with a string though—Carson wants Mia to house the fresh out of rehab star of a movie he’s making. It’s initially rough-going, but Mia and Zoe soon bond over the mysterious sketches being left outside Mia’s home.

The incorporation of Ray Bradbury’s life, novels, and home created an excellent backdrop for a novel about a writer, but Mia didn’t do much writing as she focused on Zoe and Zoe’s troubles. The female relationships in The House of Bradbury were fantastic, but the inclusion of some attempts at romance for Mia distracted from the meaningful female-oriented scenes. Fortunately, the hints at romance were not prevalent even if they were a bit forced.
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