Thursday, March 10, 2016

review: no grey areas by joseph gagliano

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College basketball fans are likely familiar with the point-shaving scandal that rocked Arizona State University in the 1990s, but one of the members of the scheme had not shared his story until now. During his second stint in federal prison (this time for falsifying loan documents), Joesph Gagliano decided to write about his part in the scandal as well as what led to him being convicted of another crime years later. While the story is incredibly interesting, the writing is fairly simplistic and could have used an editor. It’s also clear that Gagliano skips significant details as, for example, there’s no explanation about the breakup of his marriage or the split between him and girlfriend Tracy. While the ending of No Grey Areas indicates Gagliano likes to think of himself as redeemed from his past bad acts, the tone of his writing leads one to believe he still doesn’t feel he should have had to do any prison time even though his own descriptions of the events clearly detail his criminal actions.
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