Wednesday, January 20, 2016

review: the newsmakers by lis wiehl

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In The Newsmakers, Lis Wiehl (with Sebastian Stuart) creates a scarily real cable news channel that’s rising in the ratings with Erica Sparks as its latest star. Erica is trying to get her career and life back on track after her drinking got out of control, so the opportunity at Global News Network means a lot. Her very first story for GNN launches her into the limelight when a ferry crashes while she’s nearby to work on a fluff piece. From that point on, the stakes are high for Erica. Wiehl keeps up the intensity too as Erica investigates the ferry crash and discovers there’s far more going on at GNN than she ever would’ve expected. Although the conspiracy at the center of The Newsmakers may (hopefully) be far-fetched, the rest of Wiehl’s depiction of TV news is pretty on spot. Erica makes for great protagonist too, being both flawed and tenacious.
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