Thursday, January 28, 2016

review: the 5th wave by rick yancey

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One day Cassie was sitting in her high school calculus class when all the electronics malfunctioned and then a plane fell out of the sky. It was The 1st Wave of the alien invasion. Cassie and her family survived longer than most, but Cassie is on her own now that The 5th Wave has started. She knows her parents are both dead, but a belief that her young brother is still alive propels her on as she proves to be a fierce fighter.

The alien invasion plot is compelling, but doesn’t end up being fully fleshed out. There are also some inconsistencies, such as with the division of the children marked with either red or green and the age groups sent to the camp. The 5th Wave rotates narrators a few times with Cassie serving as the primary narrator. While the rotation allows Rick Yancey to share more information than he could if only Cassie narrated, it also means the story is a bit hard to follow sometimes. By the conclusion, there are just as many unanswered questions as answered ones despite Yancey tying together many of the different sections; this was obviously done to set up the next book in the trilogy, but that’s a pet peeve of mine.
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