Wednesday, January 6, 2016

review: charming by krystal wade

After the death of her mother, high school student Haley has done her best to shelter her younger sister from the knowledge that their father is an abusive alcoholic (their father only beats and berates Haley). As a result, the sisters don’t really get along since Joce believes Haley is unfair to their father. That’s why Haley is so touched when she comes home to a note purportedly from her sister encouraging her to go on a date with the son of their mother’s wealthy former colleague. Unfortunately for Haley, this is when Krystal Wade’s Cinderella story starts to take an even darker twist. Soon the lives of everyone Haley loves are in danger.

For the first half, Charming is a moving story of a teenager doing her best to make it through life despite some pretty awful circumstances; the murderous turn for the second half makes the pacing feel uneven. The writing and character development is strong throughout the first half, but the villain’s motive is never fully developed in the rushed second half. Despite the hasty ending, Wade’s development of Haley as strong, but fallible heroine makes Charming a worthwhile read.
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